Zoom : Free Woodworking Q&A Session

There have been happening Wood Sisters meetings since September 2019 and thanks to that I have met hundreds of awesome sisters who have helped me by giving their valuable input to this project. Thank you so much! After Corona Pandemic we have continued our discussion online, in this Facebook group. This is like our virtual co-working place, where we can learn to know each other and share valuable knowledge and inspiration. You are very welcome to join us here. There is also an online meeting once a month, where you can ask all the questions about tools and wood that can help you to start making things happen at home and at low cost. I love helping you, so please do not hesitate to show up on one of my Q&A sessions.At the co-working studio in Berlin, you will have access to main woodworking tools and have enough space to work on your smaller or bigger projects. You can even start your own little side hustle if you want to, I am going to support you with the know-how and…

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