Work the wood

Drilling, milling, screwing … Working with wood has never been easier with the advice of System D on video.

Materials required for woodworking in carpentry:

– Wood drill
– Strawberry
– Extension wick
– Flat wick
– Spin
– Pencil
– Depth ring
– Male key
– Colored adhesive tape
– Ratchet
– Drill stand support

Drill wood with a spin

  • Mark the location of the hole with a pencil

  • Make a pilot hole with a spin.

  • Use the pilot hole for possible screwing.

Use depth guides

Depth ring:

  • Position the depth ring at the desired distance.

  • Tighten the locking screw using a male wrench.

  • Drill to the depth ring.

The adhesive tape :

  • Wrap adhesive tape over the wick at the desired distance.

  • Drill to the adhesive tape.

Drill depth guide:

  • Bring the drill and guide in …

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