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Kitchen cabinet in northern white wood (spruce)

The wood is a natural, living and long-lived material if properly cared for. There are many essences and many uses.

Men of prehistoric times have always used it for weapons (spikes), for tools of which we have no record and to feed their homes. At the end of the Paleolithic, the presence of arrowheads testifies to the arcs but it is necessary to wait for sedentarization, in the Neolithic, to better understand the innumerable tools and utensils that the submerged deposits have preserved. These sites are rare and excavation techniques must be particularly fine and delicate to collect wooden objects, which are always very fragile. This was the case at Charavines, Isère, where a wide variety of pieces testify to the wood craftsmanship by ingenious and skillful men [1]

Woodworking - Wikipedia
Example of wood carving: part …

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