Woodworking videos – Atelier Passion du Bois

Here is a first article in which I list my favorite videos of “woodworking” (woodworking videos). You will therefore find links to youtube channels from other woodworking friends.

Europe Zone

Last name Country Comments
André Parent FRANCE
Boris Beaulant FRANCE
Chip buddy FRANCE Nicolas’s famous videos are always very interesting on techniques or use of tools. The editing is done with humor, especially with the appearance of his apprentice “twins” ^^
JC’s Workshop FRANCE
The moment of shavings FRANCE A newcomer to the wood video market in France
Nico shavings FRANCE Tips and tricks on DIY in general. All with indescribable humor 😉
LJVS FRANCE Laurent Jacquet the king of DIY guides us through all his very playful and well explained tutorials. Rather on DIY in general, he regularly posts videos on achievements …

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