Woodworking Plans for the Not-So Clueless – The Freelance Files MMXL

You assemble the bench from the underside, Bryan

Although many of our DotD nominations go to freelance articles that make an unholy mess of instructions for making or building something, occasionally we run across an alleged “how-to” that is utterly worthless because it is so general. Say, for example, you want directions to a restaurant in your city: do you think, “get in your car and drive there while obeying all traffic laws” is useful? No, you don’t: those are just plain common sense. Well, by the same token, what Bryan Schatz told people in his OurPastimes.com post, “How to Build Sauna Benches” is a mixture of common sense and overly simplistic.

For his “references,” Schatz did little more than link to companies who craft and sell saunas, which we submit isn’t exactly “how-to” material. About all Bryan had to say about building your benches is to use “Knot-free cedar planks, 2 inches by 4 inches”; which suggests that Bryan isn’t all that…

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