Women of Woodworking — Jess Budnick, Clover, SC – Women of Woodworking

A surprise side hustle goes full-time.

Woodworker and jewelry designer Jess Budnick may be new to woodworking, but the craft has taken root deeply in her life already. Her line of handcrafted jewelry highlights the beauty of the rare wood burl and is aptly named Blonde & Burl Wood Co. She lives and creates in the small town of Clover, South Carolina near the North Carolina border and the greater Charlotte metro area.

“I started playing around with wood back in August 2019. My husband makes custom wooden long range rifle stocks by hand and he had tons of gorgeous scraps he was saving and we started to make small trinkets. He surprised me with some walnut and resin rings one day as a gift and it kind of just expanded from there! I made some earrings for myself and got so many compliments and requests I started to make even more!” explains Budnick.

Her freshly sparked curiosity and eye for accessories quickly turned into a side hustle, and now an LLC. The product line has…

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