This Woodworker Spent $15,000 On A Career Switch

How She Does It is a series by CLEO featuring Singaporean women in their 20s carving out names for themselves in their respective fields. Know someone suitable for this column? Contact us at cleo@sph.com.sg.

A career switch can be terrifying—it’s disruptive and without guarantee of success. But Lyn Ng didn’t let the ifs and buts stop her when she found herself unfulfilled in a marketing job.

“I wasn’t feeling satisfied even though the campaigns I worked on were successful, so I decided to break out of the cycle to take on something I find challenging,” explains the 28-year-old.

It was a big leap of faith as she didn’t even know what her next step would be when she quit her job. The only thing she knew she wanted to do was to take a gap year to try something new. But it didn’t take her very long to figure things out.

“I decided to go to Taiwan because it’s a place where I always feel at home. And because I happened to be shifting into a new house, I was…

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