This Happy Camper Playhouse Is Adorable and My Kids Need One

Our Summer plans this year involve a lot of time in our backyard. That’s why we’re doing what we can to make our backyard a retreat that the whole family can enjoy. One way to spruce up the yard? With this adorable Happy Camper playhouse!

Kids will have hours of fun playing in this camper-style playhouse designed by Paul Gifford of Paul’s Playhouses. Source: Paul’s Playhouses

How to Make this Happy Camper Playhouse

This Camper is a DIY playhouse, so it’s ideal for someone who knows a bit about woodworking. But with Paul Gifford’s thorough plans, including a list of lumber and hardware, it’s totally doable and a great DIY project.

For just $40, you can nab the detailed 43-page step-by-step PDF plan, and it will walk you through how to build the whole thing, from the frame to the windows. The end result looks like something truly magical that your kids are sure to appreciate and love.

When the Happy Camper playhouse is built, your kids will have…

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