The Power Tool Guide: Jigsaw – Is it Really Worth It? :: FOOYOH ENTERTAINMENT

Jigsaw tool trailing wood shavings (do not try this at home)

Let’s start off by addressing the elephant in the room; no, we aren’t talking about the serial-killer-slash-vigilante Jigsaw from the SAW series. Now, let’s get down to our main topic today; the power behind woodworking plans and power tools: the jigsaw tool.

A lot goes into making any woodworking project successful; choosing the right type of wood and using the right plans all the way to applying the right finish. But the whole project can go wrong pretty fast if the wrong tool is used for the job. 

For example, how would you fare if you tried hammering a nail in your wooden chair project with a mallet instead of a hammer? Or tried cutting curves with a table saw? 

Here, we will elaborate how a jigsaw can help you with your woodworking endeavors, and how to use one safely.

The Jigsaw Tool – Is it The Ultimate Tool for Woodworking Plans?

One of the most widely used power tools in any woodworker’s garage or…

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