The Most Essential Guide for DIY and Hobbyists, Ted’s “Art of Woodworking” Receives Glowing Reviews – Harbinger Times

Woodworking is a fulfilling hobby and a money saver at the same time. Beginners are often put off by the complexities of working on wood, the tools and workshop requirements, and most importantly, the absence of a step to step, illustrated guide on how to make simple home furniture. All of these issues are wonderfully addressed in the “Art of Woodworking” guide available at Woodworking4home-page.net

The best collection of project plans I’ve reviewed!” says Willie Stark – Chief Editor, Woodworking, Valdosta, GA.

The “Art of Woodworking” takes the user into the exciting world of making furniture for outdoor and indoor use. While the first two chapters detail the requirements for creating a workshop and the tools and techniques of woodworking, the third chapter offers complete woodworking plans for making a garden bench, display cabinet, spice shelves, jewelry box, or a simple knife storage block. Other plans cover indoor furnishings to outdoor…

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