Struggling to choose between military or getting help. : mentalhealth

I need advice about getting professional help, I’m definitely depressed though I haven’t been to a doctor or anything, I discuss why in a minute.

I get what I thought of as phases of not being harassed by depression, I’d be pretty much opposite of depressed, but it was suggested to me that it might be bipolar, I really hope not, I hate self diagnoses I know they’re shit and often very inaccurate, but the things I’ve read are relatable, not just horoscope level relatable but the stuff from people’s detailed experiences and actions during their phases, from random bursts of aggression, creative plans and ideas I couldn’t have dreamt of, a bunch of motivation for anything from cycling and working out to woodworking and trying to make something that I rarely actually finish and after one or two sessions I never get back to it, I also do stupid and reckless shit nothing that would be too bad for others but could be deadly to me.

I’ve gone a bit off track, I want to join the armed…

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