SketchUp for modeling? – Software (Archive) – Prusa3D Forum

I see that there are some threads with a lot of recommendations for 3D modeling programs, and I will check them out. But I am pretty experienced using Trimble SketchUp (The free “Make” version, and the last one that was not browser-based) for other things (e.g. woodworking plans). I understand there are add-ins that will let it create STL files. Does anyone here use SketchUp for making STL files? If so, how well does is work?

One specific question. I think SketchUp creates 3D objects as surfaces. For example, if you draw a rectangle, then extrude it into a box, it will really consist of 6 infinitely thin sides. You can navigate into the interior of the box. Will the STL converter, or the Slicer know to convert the sides into walls with a reasonable thickness, and add filler structures to the interior?

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