Rotary Drill Bits Set Wood Carving File Rasp Drill Bit of 5Pcs, 1/4″ 6mm Shank Tool Power Tools Woodworking Chisel Shaped Rotating Embossed Grinding Head

Price: $9.99
(as of May 11,2020 04:14:22 UTC – Details)

Product Specification & Details:

1. Material: #45 High Speed Steel
2. Handle Diameter: 6 mm
3. Largest Head Diameter: about 15mm

☆ Made of 1045 high speed steel material, through fire dipped black surface treatment, sharper, more durable.
☆ High product processing quality, high finish, can process out a various of high-precision mold cavity.
☆ 5-piece rotary burr set. Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment.
☆ Long life, the durability is 10 times higher than high-speed steel cutting tool, 200 times higher than small grinding wheel.
☆ Suitable for low hardness of the workpiece. such as soft wood and plastic, grinding, polishing, shaping, burnishing wood, rubber surfaces. DIY woodworking polished artifact.

Package Includes: 5 pieces Rotary File Rasp Set

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▶HIGH QUALITY: Made of #45 high speed steel material, through fire dipped black surface treatment, ensuring its sharper and durable.
▶INCLUDES 5 SHAPES: Ball, Oval, Cylinder, Large and Small cone, Rotary Rasp Burr Set Carving File Rasp 1/4 “6mm Shank Drill Bits Woodworking.
▶HIGH PRODUCTIVITY: Rotary burr- processing efficiency than the manual file to improve of times, than with a small handle wheel to improve nearly ten times.
▶10pcs tungsten steel solid carbide burrs for DIY enthusiast or hobby and craft fan, and give your rotary tool even more functionality with this set of diamond burrs.
▶MULTI-FUNCTION ROTARY RASP FOR DRILL: Works with mostly small rotary tools for DIY carving. Used for grinding, polishing, shaping and burnishing wood, plastics and rubber surfaces. DIY woodworking polished artifact.