POWERTEC 71135 2-1/4-Inch Fence Flip Stop

Price: $17.99
(as of May 09,2020 21:26:15 UTC – Details)

Introducing the 2-1/4-Inch Fence Flip Stop by POWERTECCreate ultra-effective setups in your jigs and fixtures with this high-efficiency tool. No need for messy estimating or time-consuming measuring/marking, simply flip your way to uniform, repeatable cuts/drill holes, every time. For the utmost in versatility and utility, this new and improved stop can be used in either the inboard or the outboard position, and can be set to ride in either direction from both positions. The setup possibilities are unlimited. Easy, Secure Installation and UseThese essential stops mount quickly and securely onto your universal fence-top t-tracks (single and double) with the included 5/16″ bolt. They clamp down parallel to your t-track and flush to your fence, effectively preventing side play. An easy-adjust 1” knob locks in your setting. Innovative flip-up, flip-down action promotes a streamlined workflow. Easily move from squaring stock ends to ripping precision boards, without losing your setting. Enjoy the satisfaction of hassle-free productivity. Your projects will thank you. Unlimited Useful ApplicationsTable, miter and band saws, drill presses and routers are just some of the operations that can benefit from this useful accessory. If needing to make an odd cut, just flip the stop out of your way without losing your setting. Whether you’re making an odd cut and don’t want to lose your setting, or optimizing you cross-cut sled jigs, you can’t go wrong with this indispensable component. It will save you time, hassle and material loss because you get it right the first time. Durable Construction for Lasting and Effective Use Constructed of precision-machined anodized-aluminum to ensure tool strength and dependability through many years of successful project outcomes. Blue anodized coating offers optimal wear resistance and neat, polished look.

Unique features: create optimized fence-top setups in your universal t-tracks assemblies with this improved and updated fence-top flip stop. Use with both your single and double t-tracks – and multi-track, too! Conveniently converts from an Inboard to an Outboard position when desired, and can be set to ride in either direction (to match your feed direction requirements) from both of those positions. Rip perfectly uniform, repeatable cuts every time.
Additionally: in the Inboard position, the stop works with 2-1/4” wide multi-track fences. In The outboard position, it can work with multi-track fences with Sacrificial boards.
Easy install/use: this handy tool mounts easily onto your universal fence-top t-track systems with the included 5/16″ Bolt. To effectively prevent side play and slop, the stop inserts parallel and snug to the t-track and the stop arm Clamps down flush to your fence. Simply slide stop to desired fence point, flip the arm in the appropriate position, and lock it in with the tightening knob. Flip-up, flip-down action ensures easy usability. Comes with 5/16” T-bolt and 1” tightening knob.
Applications: makes for more efficient and effective fence-based operations in your table, miter and band-saw, drill-press and router applications. Great for use when cutting odd cuts (no need to change setting) or when updating your cross cut sleds, and other assemblies. Maximizes the utility of any operation that utilizes a fence-based setup.
Construction: constructed of precision-machined anodized aluminum to ensure long-lasting and dependable utility. Blue anodized coating offers wear resistance and polished look.