Norton’s Cove Rooms – The View from Norton’s Cove

Help! I need somebody
Help! Not just anybody
Help! You know I need someone
(Sorry- Beatlemania is a part of my life- always has been, always will be).

But seriously…

Duke and I have spent the last few months developing a plan to expand Norton’s Cove once again, this time with some top quality accommodations right here in the cove. Perry Consulting drew up some plans for us, which I’ll share with your here, and I’ve been gathering quotes and looking for funding programs to help make the new building a reality.

Norton’s Cove Rooms are to be similar in style and quality to Norton’s Cove Café, with 6 large comfortable rooms with gorgeous views of Norton’s Cove. We are collaborating with other artisans like the Dark Tickle Co. for berry soaps in the bathrooms, and Paterson Woodworking for hand crafted beds. Like the Café, the building plans take into consideration the environment and efficiency. I expect the Rooms to increase supper and…

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