Mobile welding and grounding issues : Welding

Hi all,

I’m very much a novice. No formal training but I pick up on things pretty quickly. I have a Hobart handler 140 and am moving into a school bus conversion in a couple of months. One of my plans to make my money is doing woodworking and (once I get better) welding. Making parts for other buses, making little crafts to sell, etc. Nothing super intensive. The issue won’t be power consumption. I’ll have an adequate battery bank and inverter to run my welder.

My question is this: on the rear door of my bus I’m planning on having a certiflat weld table that will fold down and then I’ll use some adjustable legs to make it level, BUT, the table, being hinged onto the door, will be sharing a ground with my bus, and my battery bank, solar panels, inverter, etc.

I’ve been taught that you should disconnect your battery before welding on a vehicle, so this got me wondering, am I going to fry my whole setup as soon as I arc?

Will I have to make my table removable so as to…

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