Miter Saw – Is It an Absolute Necessity or a Luxury?

When it comes to woodworking, there’s an old adage, “you say sawdust like it’s a bad thing.” It’s a mess to clean up, yes, but it would surprise some of you to know that there are some machines designed specifically to create sawdust. While definitely not one of them, a miter saw is a great woodworking tool and an equally ‘messy’ tool as it creates a lot of saw dust.

A miter saw makes cutting wood a lot easier; whether it’s straight cuts, angles or even bevels.

Also known as a chop saw or the mitresaw in Europe, it’s a semi-stationary tool that every aspiring woodworker wants to have.  However, a debate as old as the tool itself has been going on between whether a miter is absolutely necessary or not, and is it a good investment? Table saws have less limitations, but are very costly.

Here, we shall address these questions and try to help you make a decision about the miter saw and whether you should invest in it or not.

One of the quickest ways…

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