Looking for advice on building a raised planter! : gardening

(4 ft x 2 ft planters standing about 4 ft high)

Soil weighs about 75 lbs per cubic foot, so a planter that measures 4x2x4 , holding 32 cu.ft, will weigh 2,400 lbs just for the soil, or over a ton. That’s not something you move even with a dolly. You’ll need to empty it completely in order to move it.

4 foot deep is far too deep for planters. The deepest planters are normally about 18″ to 24″ deep. Plant roots just don’t go down that far, or need that much soil depth.

A wooden planter is a box with a constructed bottom. You drill holes in it for drainage. There are woodworking DIY plans online for building one. Building one involves hammer, saw, nails, and screws, also possibly drills and angle irons. A staple gun doesn’t come into play.

Talk to r/woodworking and r/Carpentry

The easiest and cheapest way to garden until you get your house and yard is to do container gardening in buckets, totes, mop pails and other objects. You don’t need to construct a planter out of wood in…

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