Laecabv 45 Type 800mm T-Track T-slot Miter Track, Aluminum Alloy T Track Miter Track Jig Fixture Slot for Table Saw Router Table Woodworking Tool

Price: $16.99
(as of May 11,2020 10:17:15 UTC – Details)

➤ [Aluminum alloy material] has good strength and durability, and good corrosion resistance. High-quality materials ensure a long service life.
➤ [Use] Applicable to T-bolts, which can be quickly released. The perfect new T-slot woodworking guide is a very practical tool.
➤ [Properties] Here you can find all sliders and fixtures on router planers, table saws and band saws.
➤ [self-adhesive metric scale] 800 mm T 45 mm standard channel aluminum width with self-adhesive metric scale. It comes with a 1000 mm self-adhesive metric tape measure so you can stick it to your purpose.
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