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In years past, people acquired skills through a slow process of apprenticeship. Long hours under the watchful eye of a master craftsman. Today some may still follow that path though traditional apprenticeships are not as plentiful. But there are many other paths. Some of us were lucky enough to have spent time in shop classes that used to be common in public schools. Shop classes planted seeds, exposing students to the rudimentary skills and crafts that could become theirs. Others were exposed to the crafts on family farms, by older family members or friends who possessed the skills and were willing to teach.

My path began in a shop class many years ago. The intervening years I became friends with people who passed on skills, and sometimes old tools to me. I met a fellow in the early 1970’s that I only knew as Griggs. He was a finish carpenter. He gave me some advice that I did not really understand or appreciate until many years later.. “Learn to use hand tools…

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