Incra T-RULE06 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule

Price: $31.02
(as of May 04,2020 12:29:25 UTC – Details)

Precise, Versatile, And Easy-To-Use Are The Words Which Best Describe The Incra 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule. Think Of It As A Combination Square For Marking Or Measuring That’s Simultaneously Set To Every Scale Position With Perfect, Instant Accuracy. There Are Micro-Fine Marking Holes And Slots At Every 1/16-, 1/32-, And 1/64-Inch Scale Position To Instantly Locate Your Sharp Pencil Or Scribe Exactly On Target With Zero Uncertainty. The Incra T-Rule Makes It Very Easy To Draw Exact Lines In Either Direction, And With Zero Uncertainty And No Eye Strain. Other Features Include 0- To 3-Inch Height Markings On The End In 32Nds, And The Option Of Marking Holes Every 1/100-Inch. The Product Also Comes With A Limited 1-Year Warranty.

Precise, versatile, and easy-to-use are the words which best describe the Incra 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule
Think of it as a combination square for marking or measuring that’s simultaneously set to every scale position with perfect, instant accuracy
There are micro-fine marking holes and slots at every 1/16-, 1/32
Precise, versatile, and easy-to-use T-Rule
Combination square for marking with perfect, instant accuracy
Micro-fine marking holes and slots at every 1/16-, 1/32-, and 1/64-inch scale position
Locate your sharp pencil or scribe with absolute precision
Limited 1-year warranty