How did you get over your self doubt and finally make a career change? : careerchange

I would be happy to chat about this! I’m 32, have a 2.5 year old, and was also in litigation (hating life— commercial lit but spent most of my time practicing insurance defense). I was self taught, and then found a company to take a chance on me. It helps that my husband is a tech recruiter and had contacts. For me personally, I started learning JavaScript on codecademy for free, just to see if I liked it (I’m math-minded, so I probably never should have been a lawyer to begin with). I then took a web developer boot camp course on Udemy which was at my own pace. Doing it was tough. I’d put in an hour or two each night, sometimes not doing it for a week if work was really stressful. It took me almost exactly a year from when I started til when I got my job.

The first half of the course covers front end development (programming for what the end user of a web app sees) and the second half was back end (programming with the database). I’d recommend looking into the…

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