Floating Shelf Plans for the Clueless Carpenter – The Freelance Files MCMXL

Floating shelf plans

Considering the sheer volume of DIY woodworking posts written by the “contributors” to the former eHow.com, it certainly shouldn’t be a surprise that not all of them were written by people completely familiar with their topic. What is, sadly, unsurprising is that the incompetent freelancers seem to outnumber the competent, and that no one at Demand Media ever put in place a system for checking their work (at least beyond making certain that their posts met the site’s style guide). A case in point is the HomeSteady.com post “How to Make Floating Wall Shelves,” dumped out on the mother site by Jake Wayne back in 2014.

Wayne claimed to have gotten his plans from well-known handyman Ron Hazelton, along with a print book (like many an eHow freelancer, it’s a safe bet Jake had never seen the book he claimed to have used). Hazelton’s plans are clever (and easy): build a frame with an open end, add a “skin” of plywood, and mount the open end over a cleat…

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