Flexible Steel Curve Template for Transferring Curved Patterns. Ideal for Carpentry, Woodworking, Metal Working or Around The Home (107″)

Price: $79.99
(as of May 05,2020 09:43:00 UTC – Details)

The Peachtree Flexible Curve Template allows for the precise duplication and transfer of complicated and/or compound curves from patterns or work pieces. Simply Align the curve template to the curve that you wish to transfer, and then tighten the template’s handy locking knobs all along the spine of that curve; the curve will hold in the template which will then allow you to transfer the pattern to whatever material you are working on. Locking the knobs eliminates any movement or “creeping” that typically happens with other pattern transfer devices.This process is ideal for perfect shape matching. Maximum bendability allows for a wide array of replicable shapes. Ideal for use with metal, wood, plastic, leather and fabric, etc. Innovative, effective, and so simple to use!

Transfer the exact curves from a pattern, work piece or product to a new project with less effort and better accuracy
Lock the adjustable knobs to ensure exact curve reproduction before transferring the pattern
Eliminates annoying “creeping” common with other transfer devices and is Ideal for metal, wood, leather and fabric applications; great for auto body applications too.
Solid steel construction makes the Flexible Curve Template ideal to execute duplication of both simple and Complex curves.
For easy, quick and precise shape transfer; durable construction ensures maximum durability