Flammable Liquid Locker

I’ve been putting this project off for a unreasonable amount of time but finally got around to making a proper storage cabinet for my flammable liquids.  I originally like probably some of you started looking to purchase one but couldn’t get over the prices.  I then started looking into all available options and found a Manufacture that produces a line of flammable liquid lockers out of 1″ exterior grade plywood that in my nonprofessional opinion provide some benefits over the standard metal flammable liquid locker.  Below are NFPA requirements for wooden flammable liquid cabinets:

Wooden cabinets constructed in the following manner shall be acceptable;

a. The bottom, sides, and top shall be constructed of exterior grade plywood that is at least 1 inch (25mm) thick and of a type that will not break down or delaminate under fire conditions.

b. All joints shall be rabbeted and shall be fastened in two directions with wood screws.

c. Where more than one door is used, there…

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