Enjoying Birds at Home – Boone County Journal

1. Put up a birdfeeder You can enjoy watching birds at your feeder year-round, or just in the winter when natural foods are tougher to find, especially with snow cover or very low temperatures. 2. Put up a birdhouse Male eastern bluebird perched at opening of wooden birdhouse. Depending on where you live, a birdhouse can make a cozy cavity for the nest of an eastern bluebird or house wren. You can also build your own birdhouse with woodworking plans. 3. Keep feeders and birdhouses clean Wash feeders every now and then to prevent the spread of diseases between birds. Clean out birdhouses after the nesting season to give them a fresh start for the following spring. 4. Keep cats indoors Outdoor and feral cats kill billions of birds each year. Keep cats indoors when possible, especially if you know young birds are about to fledge and leave a nest. They may end up on the ground for a few days before they can fly….

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