DIY Entryway Bench – Decor and Adore

I have always strived to have nicely organized spaces in our home, and our entryway is no exception. Since we’ve been in our house, the space by the front door has been a hot spot for piles of shoes and guests’ belongings. Some of these things have even been “toys” for our puppy, Leo! To resolve that issue, I had been searching for a piece of furniture that could help organize shoes, and to be a place for guests to set their belongings. Anytime I’d shop, I always kept my eye open for a bench or storage cabinet, but I didn’t see anything that I loved that could fit in our cozy entryway space. 

Then, while browsing Pinterest, I found pictures and plans for the perfect DIY wood bench! My husband is extremely handy with woodworking, so I was excited that we would be able to make that a project of ours. The best part is that the materials are super affordable! 

The plans for the bench came from Cara, from @neverskipbrunch. You can find her original…

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