Artist Shows How Awesome Woodworking Could Be During Coronavirus Lockdown

April 16, 2020 – /PressAdvantage/ – A wood artist from Boulder City named Braxton Wirthlin specializing in turning reclaimed or salvaged wood into pieces of art is using the coronavirus lockdown period to devote to his craft.

Braxton believes that when trees are cut down, they have to be transformed into pieces that people can “love forever.”

Braxton also makes sure to utilize a variety of woods, which includes those from trees that many wood artists wouldn’t find suitable.

Now that Braxton has to comply with the governor’s order to stay home due to the coronavirus, more reclaimed or salvaged wood are being turned into furniture or bowls and other types of vessels.

He recently salvaged wood from trees ordered by the city to be cut down, wanting them to become things of beauty than go to waste.

Braxton began woodworking while in junior high school.

After college, he created wooden cabinets, tables, and large pieces of furniture.

Some of the tables he built…

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