A third of unemployed Canadians will receive nothing from either EI or new CERB : CanadaPolitics

Here’s an earth-shattering idea: don’t take away their current benefits in the middle of a pandemic????

Like really—this is not hard. Help more, fuck people less. That’s the bar to clear here.

If we happen to end up enjoying UBI and want to retool it afterwards to consolidate benefits for poor people and raise their standard of living in the process—THATS OKAY TOO.

If there ever was a moment to be bold with our ideas, it’s right now. We need to tackle this as a collective effort all on the same team and if that means the government employing all of us to stay the fuck home, that’s a worthy investment.

Tell people to work on their homestead skills, make plans for community gardens, document their experience, anything and everything that creates a value either of self-sufficientcy, art, music, woodworking, gardening, volunteerism. Whatever the fuck else that puts people to work, at home, doing things that keep them sane and connected.

My husband is a nurse—this is serious…

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