10 tips for working with wood> DIY

If you enjoy carpentry and are considering working with wood, don’t miss the following tips and advice.

1- Prevent two ways to separate by driving in nails

The carpenter’s tip so that two woods do not separate when nailing nails, instead of nailing them straight, it is better nail them at a 45º angle in this way, the two pieces of wood will not be separated.

2- When laying parquet

When laying parquet, it is important keep the expansion joint, because wood with heat expands and if he has no place, he will press and eventually stand up.

3- When cutting wood

When cutting with the jigsaw, always start it before the blade touches the wood. If you touch the wood and we start the saw, the wood will split.

It is important, with the jigsaw, to have it always well supported, in this way, it will not vibrate and will allow us to make a cut …

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